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School Press - For young writers and poets
School Press Publishes books created by children. There is nothing more encouraging for a child than seeing their words published and it makes parents and teachers very proud too. 

We believe young people should be encouraged to develop and express their creativity, unleash their potential, and develop a life long love for words via their own short stories, poems and even song lyrics.  

School press helps teachers in their efforts to instil an appreciation for literature and creativity. Each School Press book project is a collection of words from one or several classes or even the whole school.
A SchoolPress book is a quality colour publication similar to a book which can be purchased at a bookshop but it contains the works of school children.
Writing is an important form of communication and it helps young people reflect on their feelings and beliefs.  Ideas, questions and opinions are uncovered; ethics and social identity evolves. Words connect young people, and help them develop a deeper understanding of the world and their experiences.

The School Press publishing cost is covered through the book sales to parents.  The school does not have to invest anything except for a very small initial deposit.  
There is always a high demand for School Press books because parents and children are thrilled to see a real published book.

What to Publish? We recommend that one book project includes the contributions of about 100 or more students.  Poems and short stories allow students at all levels and ability to make a contribution. It is even possible to publish several books at the same time or make multiple books during the year based on different themes or events.

School Press books are quality publications and they become a cherished family keepsake. School Press Books are a precious memory, they become part of the school history, they help build communities, are an educational tool and bring children together in a common cause. .

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